Smart Social Podcast: Learn how to shine online with Josh Ochs
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In this podcast Josh Ochs teaches 100,000 parents and students how to shine online. He shows you how to audit your Google results and use your social media accounts as a portfolio of positive accomplishments to shine online. Josh keeps it tactical and practical with tips you can use to better understand how to navigate the digital world as a parent, teen and professional. Learn more at

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    #103 Giving kids self worth on social media (and reducing addiction) with Janice Taylor of Mazu App - Podcast with Josh Ochs

    In this episode Josh interviews Janice Taylor of and they talk about how to be the best parent possible in an online world. Janice talks about: Re-engineering social media to reduce the addiction, teaching parents how to love on their kids, modeling positive behavior for kids, what the key signs of addiction are and how to reduce bullying for students.

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