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Fire Challenge: A Life-Threatening Internet Challenge

Episode Summary

Some kids are lighting themselves on fire or letting their friends light the match-- all in an attempt to get more attention online. The dangerous social media stunt called the “Fire Challenge” has landed some kids across the country in the hospital. Yet the life-threatening challenge continues. In this podcast episode, Josh Ochs explains what parents should know to keep their kids safe.

Episode Notes

Parents- this viral internet stunt we want you to know about is NO Ice Bucket Challenge! 

Some kids across the country are lighting themselves on fire-- or letting their friends ignite them while recording it for social media. Yes, unfortunately, you read that correctly. 

It’s called the “Fire Challenge.” It’s not new, but new viral videos are now popping up. Just this month, a 12-year-old Michigan boy suffered second-degree burns attempting the Fire Challenge.  

WDIV-TV is reporting that the boy’s friend sprayed him with nail polish remover, then lit him on fire. This is scary, life-threatening stuff! Kids are using common household substances to do this-- just to try to get more likes or follows online. 

I highly encourage you to talk about this with your tweens and teens about this before they find out about the Fire Challenge from their friends. 

I have everything you need to know to help keep them safe online on the blog: