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Snapchat App Parent Guide 2019

Episode Summary

Snapchat is extremely popular among teens. It’s also widely regarded among police as extremely dangerous. Teens can have a lot of fun using the photo and video messaging app, but there are some major privacy and safety concerns users should know about. In this episode, learn why this app has even been linked to predators, addiction, depression, suicide, and more scary stuff.

Episode Notes

Snapchat has also been linked to depression, phone addiction, bullying, and there are even reports of suicide. Despite all of this, teens LOVE Snapchat. They can use it to share photos, videos, and private messages with filters and fun effects. 

I want you to know all about Snapchat because if your teen has a phone there’s a good chance this app is already on it. I’ve compiled a complete guide for you on Check it out, then be sure to talk with your teens about Snapchat and its potential dangers.

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