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Facetune App: Is it Safe for Kids?

Episode Summary

The Facetune app and Facetune2 app make it easy to edit or retouch photos. In this episode, Josh Ochs explains what the apps are and why there are dangerous consequences for tweens and teens who regularly Facetune their photos for social media.

Episode Notes

The Facetune app lets users change or remove their perceived imperfections in an instant. Facetune launched in 2013 and Facetune2 debuted in 2016 with enhanced features. They can be purchased in the iOS App Store and on Google Play. Facetune users can take photos through the app or edit photos on their camera roll, then share them to social media. 

Users can make minor or major adjustments to their appearance. The tools can smooth or reshape the face and body, remove blemishes, brighten teeth, and change the size of noses and lips. Some psychologists have warned there are dangerous health consequences for teens who regularly use the Facetune app. 

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