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BitLife App: Should My Student Play It?

Episode Summary

The BitLife app guides players on a simulated life from birth to death. Players make text-based choices, which can promote safe or risky lifestyles. Josh Ochs at Smart Social wants parents and educators to know that students are exposed to many mature ideas throughout this game, including sex, drugs, and violence. Learn more:

Episode Notes

The BitLife Life Simulator app is rated for users ages 17+, however BitLife is popular among school aged children. Players are exposed to many mature ideas including drug addiction, sex, and violence. Player can earn dozens of different ribbons once they reach certain milestones, which could contribute to excessive screen time or gaming addiction.

The BitLife app was the 5th most downloaded free iPhone app in 2019, according to Apple. Author and Smart Social Founder Josh Ochs explains why the popular app is inappropriate for young players.

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