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Yubo App: "Tinder for Teens"

Episode Summary

Nicknamed “Tinder for Snapchat” and “Tinder for Teens”, the Yubo app (formerly called the Yellow app) markets itself as a way to make friends. Author and Smart Social Founder Josh Ochs explains why the app can be dangerous for young users. Learn more:

Episode Notes

The Yubo app markets itself as a way to make friends even though it’s mostly used as a dating app. This can be confusing for teens and tweens who join the app and are not aware of the intentions of other users. This app is nicknamed “Tinder for Snapchat” and “Tinder for Teens.” Yubo app users can join a live group stream or swipe through profiles. If two users swipe right on each other’s photos then they become a match and can chat or share Instagram and Snapchat usernames. The Yubo app is free, but users can pay for a premium subscription to up their visibility and get rid of ads.

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