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Giving Your Kids Digital Training Wheels - Guest Adam Ahern with

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Josh caught up with Adam Ahern from, an app aimed at empowering kids safely with digital training wheels. Adam wanted to build a safer social app for his four kids and for other kids around the world. Adam let his oldest daughter have social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat at age 12. He noticed that she was having trouble sleeping and became depressed after getting the phone, so he took her to her doctor and found out that she was being groomed online by predators. So Village Social became his passion project to create a safe space for students online while also allowing them to have a device that keeps them connected with family and friends. Giving your kid a smartphone is like giving your kid a Ferrari, Josh says. Without the proper training, smartphones can be very dangerous, like giving your teen the keys to a car without them first learning to drive. Digital Training Wheels The Village Social app is a great way to give your kids a smartphone as early as you want but also keep them safe. The app has safe and monitored messaging as well as feeds so that kids can learn to use social media without giving them untethered access. Village Social gives you a private, safe environment. Strangers cannot friend you in the app. Inappropriate photos are not allowed in the app, and digital scanning finds and removes inappropriate information from the app. Share photos and messages through the app through private messages or in the feed, deciding who can see what post, or allow everyone to see your post to celebrate the big moments. Smartphones can be made safe for kids: Smartphones are a tool. Built in parental controls and apps like Village Social can help you control the experience your student has online. Have open and honest conversations with your kids about the devices they use and teach them how to stay safe online. But also monitor the amount of time they spend online and the apps they are using. Village Social is a great baby step into the world of social media that decreases the risk of inappropriate behavior while your kids are still young. Learn more about Village Social:

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