Smart Social Podcast: Keeping students safe so they can Shine Online

Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok Social Media Mental Health Initiatives. Are They Enough?

Episode Summary

Several social media apps recently announced plans to promote mental health initiatives. They are aimed at helping kids to stay mentally safe online. Snapchat recently introduced Here for You, Instagram launched Pressure to be Perfect, Pinterest has a “compassionate search” feature, and TikTok shares mental health advice from users. The Smart Social team wanted to know, are these new mental health initiatives beneficial to young social media users? Or are they too little, too late? Listen to Founder Josh Ochs explain some of the new initiatives. Then head to the blog to read what some experts have to say about them:

Episode Notes

Instagram's Pressure to be Perfect:

Snapchat's Here for You:

Pinterest's Compassionate Search:

TikTok shares mental health advice from its users:

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