Smart Social Podcast: Keeping students safe so they can Shine Online

Cyber Security, Smartphones, and… Garfield?

Episode Summary

The Center for Cyber Safety and Education, a 50(1)c(3) nonprofit, teaches innovative lessons about online safety for kids, adults, and even seniors. The organization has the exclusive global rights to use Garfield, the fictional cat, to talk to young students about staying safe online. Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures program is designed to teach kids good online habits now, instead of helping them break bad habits when they get older. Garfield’s creator Jim Davies works with the Center to create cartoons, comic books, posters, and more for the interactive lessons. Founder Josh Ochs recently spoke with the Center for Cyber Safety and Education’s Director Patrick Craven. He shared three tips for keeping your kids safe, no matter what apps or mobile devices they are using. Learn more:

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