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Mom Talk: Becoming A More Present Parent In Today’s Digital World

Episode Summary

Digital distractions are now a daily struggle for many moms and dads. But continual chirps and dings don’t have to constantly distract you from family life. On this episode of the Smart Social Podcast's Mom Talk, hosts April Whiting and Jennifer Zumbiel discuss the moments that changed their view of motherhood. Learn how they continually work to be more present parents in today’s digital world.

Episode Notes

Get to know the Smart Social Podcast's new "Mom Talk" Hosts April Whiting and Jennifer Zumbiel. They are two moms who are trying to raise strong families and are desperate to not let distractions win.

Listen as they tell the stories of the moments that changed their view of motherhood, and ultimately led to the creation of both of their businesses.  They discuss being in the trenches of motherhood. The good, the hard, and the in-between. 

April and Jennifer are big believers in quality over quantity when it comes to meaningful family time.  April discusses the importance of eye contact, and Jennifer gives her tips on “stop, drop, and fold” to give your children moments of all of you.

April is the mother of 4, a TedX speaker, author, and founder of

Jennifer is also the mother of 4, author, and founder of

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