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Dangers Parents Should Know Before Giving Kids A Smartphone (& Gabb Wireless Review)

Episode Summary

Many students want smartphones and might even feel peer pressure to own one. But smartphones are powerful devices that give students access to the entire world by way of the internet and popular photo, video, and communication apps. Smartphones have the potential to enrich a student’s life, but they can also pose some serious risks. On this episode, Founder Josh Ochs goes over some of the dangers every parent should know before giving their student a smartphone and suggests some safe device alternatives for children.

Episode Notes

Smart Social’s Device Recommendation

Gabb Wireless

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This device looks like a smartphone but is specifically designed for tweens and teens. It will not let users access the internet, online games, social media, the App Store, or Google Play. 

The Gabb phone is now $49.99. As an added bonus, Podcast listeners get an extra $5 off the already discounted price by using this link.

Gabb Wireless has all of the features your child needs from a phone including:

“We are thrilled to deliver the first-ever phones and service that give kids mature-looking devices with all the talk and text they want, while also giving parents the peace of mind that their child will not be exposed to harmful or unwanted content,” said Gabb Founder and CEO Stephen Dalby. “It helps parents manage their children’s exposure to technology in a way that is safe and meets each family’s unique needs.”

Gabb phones operate on a proprietary network and cannot be added to a current cell phone plan. Monthly plans start at $19.99/month and are “pay-as-you-go,” with no long-term contracts required.

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