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Mom Talk: April Shares How Her Family Detoxed From Screens

Episode Summary

Did you know screen time addiction can be compared to using hard street drugs? Mom Talk on the Podcast Hosts, April Whiting and Jennifer Zumbiel, talk about how April's family took a 6-month hiatus from screens. Find out how she made it happen for her and her family.

Episode Notes

Without a plan in place, you can't just rip screens cold turkey from you and your kid's hands. It took a slow process to gradually take away screens from April's four children until they went screen-free for 6 months.

It's all about being intentional about the process - from auditing how much time each person spends on screens now to figuring out how to dwindle down the usage each day.

Once April's family was screen-free, it was easy! Kids want more of their parent's time, but really more of their undivided attention. Once screens are gone, kids go back to reading, playing board games, building legos, and spending time with Mom and Dad.

Getting others on board is a huge deal. Everyone from kid's aunts to grandparents should help with this process so there are not deviations from the plan. 

Listen to April's TedX talk titled, "Abducted by Technology: Raising the Smartphone Generation."

April Whiting is a mother of 4, a TedX speaker, author, and founder of

Jennifer Zumbiel is also a mother of 4, author, and founder of

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