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Discord Chat App: Safety Guide for Parents, Students, and Educators

Episode Summary

With more than 250 million users, a lot of people are posting a lot of things on the Discord App - and it’s not all about gaming. Founder Josh Ochs explains what parents and educators need to know about the popular voice, video, and text chat app.

Episode Notes

If your student is a gamer, there’s a good chance they’re on the Discord chat app. Discord is a free voice, video, and text chat app that boasts more than 250 million users. Like many chat apps, Discord doesn’t put out dangerous content, but some people who use it might. If your student is connecting with random people on Discord, they’re putting themselves at risk of coming across inappropriate content and conversations. 

What is the Discord chat app?

Why students like Discord

Where is the Discord chat app available?

Why should parents care?

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