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Mom Talk: How Keeping Margin in Our Day is Our Secret Weapon

Episode Summary

Do you put margins, aka buffers, in your daily schedule? On this episode of Mom Talk on the Podcast, Host Jennifer Zumbiel explains why she makes a conscious effort to put plenty of margins of extra time between daily activities. Without the margins, the negatives can come out from stress and fatigue. Co-host April Whiting feels the same way. Without her margins, the stress adds up and she admits she gets short with her kids.

Episode Notes

The key to creating margins is being intentional and saying no to things that may interfere with creating margins. The last people we want to be short with is our family, friends, and those closest to us, but oftentimes, this is who gets the brunt of our lack of time and energy.

Parents sign kids up for so many activities, but do these match the goals that the kids have? Ask children what their end goal is and if what they are doing is what they want for their future. If not, move on, and add more margin to focus on what they want to do.

Where do we want to be a year from now with our family's time and with our level of patience and stress? What can we change and talk about in our family today that just feels doable to get more time back to spend time together?


April Whiting is a mother of 4, a TedX speaker, author, and founder of

Jennifer Zumbiel is also a mother of 4, author, and founder of

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