Smart Social Podcast: Keeping students safe so they can Shine Online

Returning to School with Principal Donald Clayton

Episode Summary

Josh Ochs sits down with Principal David Clayton to talk about the threat of COVID-19 with students going back to school this fall, how to manage screen time, and how to make your school welcoming and why that's important.

Episode Notes

Donald's goal is to be the most welcoming school in America. If kids know they are wanted and welcome, they will be socially and mentally better and happier.

Teachers, by nature, are planners, but with the times right now, the country is early in the virus and late to be planning the fall schedule of virtual and in-person classes.

How do we allow visitors to our school, keep kids protected and safe, and still be welcoming?

Donald walks through the "how" we do things may change, but the "why" we do them is what matters.

The amount of use of screen time by students could have some long term effects of having it readily available without a purpose of using it. How often are we intentional with our time when we are using screens?

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