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Yubo App is Not Safe for Students

Episode Summary

The Yubo app markets itself as a way to make friends and socialize. But it's often called “Tinder for Teens” and a teen dating app. The Yubo app's popularity is skyrocketing in 2020 as students look for new forms of entertainment at home. Founder Josh Ochs explains the risks every parents, student, and educator should know about the Yubo app.

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What is the Yubo app?

Why students like Yubo

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The Yubo app in the news

Yubo App in Orlando Sentinel

A man drove roughly 90 miles… where he sexually abused a girl younger than 16… The girl told detectives she had met [the 28 year-old suspect] through Yubo, an app and social media network designed for members of Generation Z. According to an arrest affidavit, the girl said she thought [the man] was 16 years old.

Orlando Sentinel

Yubo App Popularity Skyrockets in 2020

One of the criticisms that Yubo has faced is that its socialization element is a veil for dating, and the platform is, in a way, a Tinder for teens. [But the company’s CEO says] Yubo’s core use are group chats and the intention is for users to socialize in a group setting. He says that these rooms offer various activities, like cooking, singing battles, playing games — activities that these teenagers would have been doing outside anyway, except Yubo offers it online.


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