Smart Social Podcast: Keeping students safe so they can Shine Online

Virtual Learning Tips for the Remote Classroom (with guest Brittany Cufaude from Joyful Classrooms)

Episode Summary

On this episode of the Podcast Brittany Cufaude with Joyful Classrooms shares some great quick tips for educators and parents who are suddenly navigating virtual learning during the pandemic.

Episode Notes

Brittany Cufaude’s tips for educators who are navigating virtual learning:

  1. Make sure all instruction that’s occurring live with the teacher is actually interactive instead of just talking at the children for long periods of time. Use tool’s, like Pear Deck, to make your Google Slides more interactive.
  2. Utilize split screen features. Teachers should make sure they can see their students at all times.Consider buying an inexpensive second monitor, so you will have plenty of screen space to teach your class and see your students. Just make sure to keep the monitor at your eye level so you aren’t looking away from your students.
  3. Teachers and students should make a daily schedule at home, the same way they would if they were leaving the house for work or school. Make sure to include time for reading, hobbies, and relaxation.
  4. Teach students online classroom etiquette, including muting themselves when others are speaking, not eating or playing with toys or scrolling through their phones, etc.
  5. Record lessons for students, so they can watch them at their own pace and refer back to them when they need extra help while doing homework.

Brittany Cufaude is a school improvement and literacy consultant.  She founded and operates Joyful Classrooms, which partners with California school districts, to design and facilitate high-quality professional learning

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