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Parent Compass: Navigating A Teen's Wellness & Academic Journey with Cindy Muchnick & Jenn Curtis

Episode Summary

Co-authors, Cindy Muchnick & Jenn Curtis of The Parent Compass book, discuss how to navigate a teen's wellness and academic journey. Moms of 4 and 2, with a background in mental health and college admissions, Muchnick and Curtis have made it their mission to help students realize their goals and live intentional lives. The authors dive into observations they've made over the years as educational consultants and mothers of a combined 6 kids, especially as it relates to parenting behavior in the academic context. They also chat about tips to navigate the uncertainties in the college admission process specifically as a result of COVID-19.

Episode Notes

In this episode of Parent Compass on the Podcast Jenn and Cindy share their thoughts on tutoring (or rather the trend of "over tutoring") and how it relates to self-advocacy. They also discuss the necessity for parents to practice self-examination--to take a good, hard look at why they parent the way that they parent and how their own upbringing might affect their desires for their kids. And lastly, they offer some advice on navigating the admission process during the current global pandemic.

Be sure to pick up The Parent Compass: Navigating Your Teen's Wellness and Academic Journey in Today's Competitive World, launching on September 15, 2020 to learn more ideas that Curtis and Muchnick have to help your student be successful.

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