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Triller App: A Social Video Network Similar to TikTok (Guide for Parents, Students, and Educators)

Episode Summary

Triller is a US-owned social video app where users can easily edit and share short videos. In this episode, Founder Josh Och explains how Triller works, why it's becoming so popular, and what parents can do to help keep their kids safe on it.

Episode Notes

The Triller app, first released in 2015, is a social media network where users make and share short videos. Anyone can view videos, but users must sign up for a free account to “like” videos, follow other users, read/make comments, and send direct messages. Users can create professional-looking music videos and vlogs in minutes with the app’s auto-editing algorithm. The app has 100+ filters and videos can be personalized with text, drawings and emojis. Triller’s music library features top trending songs. Since content is user-generated on Triller, it can contain profanity, suggestive dance moves, drinking, and drug use. Accounts and videos can be set to private in the Settings menu.

Read's Triller Guide for Parents, Educators, and Students.

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