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Wink App Connects Kids to Strangers (App Guide for Parents, Students, and Educators)

Episode Summary

The Wink app connects kids with strangers. But since there’s no age or profile verification, who are your kids really connecting with? Founder Josh Ochs breaks down the Wink app to help parents decide if their kids should be using it.

Episode Notes

The Wink app connects users with strangers. Users find new “friends” by swiping through profiles, like the popular adult dating app, Tinder. Once on a profile, they can swipe right to connect with the person or swipe left to move on to the next profile. Users can click a button to add new Wink friends to their Snapchat, or can they chat directly on Wink. Users must be at least 13 with parental permission to use Wink, according to the Terms of Service. However, there is no age verification so kids could easily set their age to over 18 and adults could easily pose as teens to connect with young users.

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