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Navigating the Tween and Teen Experience with The Parent Compass and Guest, Lori Gottlieb

Episode Summary

In this episode of The Parent Compass on SmartSocial, Cindy Muchnick and Jenn Curtis interview Lori Gottlieb, Author of the New York Times Best Selling book and memoir Maybe You Should Talk to Someone. A therapist, Lori shares her advice for parenting teens and navigating the tween and teen experience with empathy.

Episode Notes

Lori chats about the power of human connection and how parents can connect better with their teens. She touches on the importance of presence in our interactions with our kids and on better tools to communicate with them, cautioning that anxiety can be contagious. Lori also shares her experience as the mother of a teenager and even reflects on her own years as a teen. Finally, she discussed an important episode that has garnered loads of attention on her Dear Therapists Podcast, “Libby’s Self-Induced Stress,” where an anxious teen joins her show and shares issues that so many teens will resonate with; listeners benefit from sitting in on this session and witnessing the results of her therapy. (Google it!) 

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