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The Importance of Literacy in a Digital World: Stuart Udell, Achieve3000

Episode Summary

What reading level is your student on? Are you forcing them to read certain books or do they pick out what they want to read? Do they read a variety of mediums from newspapers to magazines to books? In this episode, Josh Ochs interviews Stuart Udell from Achieve3000 to talk about literacy in a digital age.

Episode Notes

Stuart Udell shares tips on how to keep kids engaged over the summer and how Achieve300's services provide reading material delivered in different reading levels. He shares how important it is to allow students to pick and choose things that they enjoy reading in a variety of formats. Now, more than ever, it is important for students to have literacy skills as they are central to careers, internships, and learning growth. The digital world keeps us from having to spell words correctly or type out a complete sentence so it's important to help your student to be literate without a device doing things for them.

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