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Lasso App from Facebook: What is it?

Episode Summary

Kids are having a blast making shareable videos on a new Facebook-owned app called Lasso. If you’ve ever heard of Tik Tok, the Lasso app is extremely similar. Lasso app users can create and edit videos and set them to music. The Smart Social team put this app in our Red Zone because we believe it poses some serious safety risks to your kids and some privacy concerns that could follow them into adulthood. The privacy controls on this app are extremely limited. Complete strangers can watch every video your kid is creating on the Lasso App. Yikes!

Episode Notes

Facebook’s Lasso app lets users create and edit videos to share on the app. The videos can also be sent to Facebook and Instagram. Kids can have fun using Lasso, but the Smart Social team wants parents to be aware that complete strangers can watch your kid’s videos.

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